These links are where you can see the work I have done in the past. There is a lot of stuff I have done over the last decade that is not documented due to random computer crashes and moves that lost hard drives and what not. Enjoy perusing. More to come. 


I don't have as much of my painted work in here, over the last 25 years or so. I stopped painting in 1999 for the most part and only occasionally dabble.



This is the repository of most of my sculpture work. A lot of images have been lost over the years but this is where the lion's share of them can be found. 



These are some of the television and film props I have worked on over the years. Some are for real projects and some are recreations for clients. 


Leather Work

These are some samples of the hand made leather projects I have made over the years either for cients or for myself. A good leather bag will last you a lifetime, and then some if you take care of it. 



Miscellaneous projects where I either repaired existing props and projects or just my random stuff that never went anywhere.


Printed Projects

Some projects I have coming out are literary and or comic related in nature and these will be fleshed out soon enough