I was originally going to do some T-shirt designs and stuff to promote this website and then I thought, "You know what the world doesn't need? People with my words on their shirts."

Because if there is one thing I have seen enough of, are people expressing themselves using the words of other people.

Just how many people actually have an original thought in their head that's their own? More importantly, why the hell should I be speaking for someone else? I would rather make someone a one of a kind shirt that is theirs, than make 100 shirts with the same shit on them. 

I guess that's the difference between making art, and making a product. Make a product and everyone who has it isn't any more unique than a moth fart on the wind. Make art, and nobody has what you have. 

Not knocking what other people are doing. I think you can make limited run tshirts that are quite nice. I have a friend who does one of a kind TyeDye stuff who is amazing. Each one of their shirts is unique. That to me is the difference between something custom, and something mass produced. 

That said, whatever I post here, will be one of a kind shirts. 

All of which carry the Fair Trade 141 Brand. 

Stay Tuned. Fun Stuff is coming.