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When I was a child, I had a desire to make art. From the first comic books I ever saw, to the films and animated features that made me want to make my own worlds, and become a creator, I have always loved art. When I discovered the art of science fiction, fantasy, superheroes, and horror, I realized that there was a market for the work that I wanted to do. For years I have toiled on things that were other people's projects and other people's characters. Since breaking away from all that, as well as beating clinical depression, I am on my own path to create the work that I want to. 

I have a head full of unseen horrors, and being one whose subconscious walks those dark paths, I find that perhaps it is time to start letting those things that haunt me out into the world. 

So that is what I am currently doing. Making art of the things that are deep down inside. 

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