"Art is the creation of something that another person never realized they needed in their life."

So what exactly is this website really about?

I had a notion one day after talking to someone a little more savvy than I am about selling t-shirts with catchy phrases and all this other easily digestible, inconsequential life affirming nonsense. What If I created a website that just was about the creation of art and not giving a damn about worrying about making money, or profiting from the work itself, but engaging people in a way that would make them see art differently?

The thing about art, that separates it from producing a product, is that products sell themselves based entirely on purpose, where as art, sells itself based entirely on desire. 

It's why some people look at film, media, art, and see something valuable in it, and others might not. Why make products, when you can make art that moves people? I'd rather make art, then chase down a dollar. 

A salesman knows nothing about art, but they know a lot about what they can sell to people. I'm not a salesperson. I don't have the charisma or charm for that sort of thing. While I can be funny, engaging, and can hold a conversation, my mind is usually somewhere else engaging in thoughts and ideas that are far more interesting than the mundane. I know what a sociopath is capable of. It's why they are so good at being salespeople. 

So I create art for Art's Sake, and am not particularly interested in selling people my ideas or my work.  Oh I'm not above taking money for the things I do, I am just not all that interested in making something cheap, just because someone wants it done. My time is valuable. 

Ideas are everywhere, and they are free. I can give away a dozen ideas and still have hundreds in my mind that may or may not be profitable. While ideas are a great way to telegraph what it is you're doing or about to do, it's also energy that can get in the way of the doing of things. 

I'd rather just show people what I am doing instead of just randomly making products that are pointless. While It's great to showcase your ideologies on your clothing, and or your automobile, I'd rather find out what you're about by engaging your mind in something other than the mediocrity that seems to be the soundbites and slogans we are subjected to every day. 

So what is this site really about?

It's a place where I can show my work, express my ideas in a way that I think is healthier than being on social media or desperately trying to sell someone something isn't an original expression. 

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